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Learn to love your body

At one time or another, every woman thinks her life would be so much better if she dropped one dress size, had slimmer hips or looked like heidi klum.Most of the time, those dips in confidence appear only briefly before reality takes over:A happy life is about more than thin thighs or a supermodel smile.But every once in a while, you might find yourself stuck in a body image rut, unhappy with your looks and unable to see past it.The fix?No, not a miracle procedure or a dramatic weight loss you need a body image boost.

"Left unchecked, a lack of body confidence can interfere with your quality of life, career and social time,"Says counselor jenny garth.Poor body image is the result of:

When worries about how you look start to dominate your thoughts, even keeping you from enjoying certain activities(Like swimming, going out with friends or your husband, or running around the park with your kids), it's time to stop beating yourself up and give yourself a break.Looking good, after all, is all about feeling good. "I ask women, 'would you put down your daughter, best friend or mother this way?' Of course not so it's not OK to say these things to yourself,"Says garth.

Exercise to invest in a healthier, longer life, not just to change the way you look.

Praise yourself for your ongoing efforts to reach your goal discountbridalpartyes weight.

Say"Thank you"To compliments, instead of putting yourself down in response.

Take down all but one weddingesoutletlondon mirror.

Don't beat yourself up for skimping on a workout or indulging in one more cookie than you had budgeted pointsplus values for.These are the times when you learn what your weaknesses are. "If you cheap party dresses online don't break the flow of the eye from the shoulder to the floor you'll get a longer, leaner, slimmer body line,"Says image consultant jenny hanson.

Choosing fabrics like wool, crepe and polyester crepe, which drape around the body in a flattering way,"Unlike stiff linens and cottons that stretch to your widest point and hang there, making you look bigger,"Says hanson.

Wearing tailored trousers with a tailored or belted jacket one that loosely hugs the hips and finishes just below the hip line.This evergreen combo will define your waist.

Few women resemble supermodels(And let's face it, supermodels are paid to look good it's their job!And even they still need makeup artists, expert camera angles and air brushing to look flawless).Most of your friends, coworkers and neighbors probably don't have a supermodel's figure, and yet you probably think they are each beautiful in their own unique way.Remember that you are too.Concentrate on improving your overall health, and your body confidence will soon soar.

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Snow cheapichaelorhandag sports Love

Alaska resort offers laid

Girdwood, alaska in the epic chugach range, just 250 feet above sea level and overlooking the majestic blue expanse of turnagain arm, alyeska resort is a bit unusual when it comes to ski resorts:It has the lowest base elevation of any large ski area in the united states.

Because it is so near the cook inlet tidal waters, the region also has surprisingly mild winter temperatures, in the 20s and 30s, practically balmy when compared with the frigid interior of the state, not to mention northern new england's habitual singledigit weather.And yet, alyeska is routinely walloped by more than 750 inches of snow each year, much of it underappreciated by skiers in the lower 48.

Here's another secret:Located in this laidback mountain town, the resort is just a quick 40mile jaunt southeast of anchorage, which makes it convenient for those who jet in to enjoy a few days of untracked powder and try out the steeps.

The snow has a cheap michael kors handbags long shelf life, often lasting from early november until memorial day weekend.To make up for short daylight hours during the winter months, 27 lighted trails provide excellent weekend night skiing until 9:30.

Last february, a friend and i drove along the spectacularly beautiful stretch of the seward highway between anchorage and girdwood, flanked by craggy peaks and glittery tidal waters, ichaeloronlinehop their liquidblue surface broken by ice floes.The ride took less than an hour, and with all the magnificent views to take in under the beauty of the radiant sun the snowcovered mountains mirrored in cook inlet, for instance we arrived at alyeska almost before i realized it.

Girdwood is a quiet, casual town.Originally, and aptly, named glacier city, it served as a gold mining and railroad supply camp in the early 20th century.These days, general stores and accommodations primarily serve skiers and summer tourists, but the town still maintains a local feel, avoiding the souvenir kitsch that comes with most ski areas.

Though a popular destination for conferences, and frequented by many locals, alyeska's 1, 400 acres of skiable terrain are uncrowded.An added attraction is the 307room alyeska prince hotel, with rich cherry interiors, jacuzzis, and a heated saltwater swimming pool.The rooms aren't huge, but the beds are cushy with down comforters, and the views are superb.Dramatic blackandwhite photographs of frozen waterfalls and stark forest landscapes decorate the walls, and by the large picture windows at each elevator bank, comfortable chairs are placed so you can stop and take in the towering, snowladen trees and mountain slopes.At night, you can request a wakeup call from the front desk to ensure you don't miss the northern lights.

Though there weren't any flashy night lights during our visit, there was plenty of activity on the slopes to keep us busy.With skiin/skiout access, a complimentary ski and snowboard check, a skating pond, and a new business center, the hotel is a cozy and convenient ski oasis.

The mountain's aerial tram departs right from the hotel for the glacier terminal, at an elevation of 2, 300 feet.On our first morning, sweeping views of glacier valley and turnagain arm made the 3 1/2minute ride fly by.At the top, the mountain's varied terrain unfolded appealingly before us.The seven glaciers restaurant at the tram dock serves dinner on weekend evenings throughout winter, specializing in alaskan seafood and game.Glacier express, the mountaintop cafeteria, is also a great place to have lunch and look out through the clouds to the valley floor below.

From glacier terminal, the steep, narrow, and, to me, terrifying, christmas chute is a welcome challenge for experts, and it leads right into the north face, which claims to be the longest ungroomed double black diamond run in north america, with 2, 750 feet of vertical at a 48degree pitch.I chose to carve my way through wideopen bowls and take a less treacherous route through numerous hidden powder stashes and glades to hit the north face midmountain.

Alyeska earns top marks for stunning views.No matter how many times i rode up the chairlift, i couldn't resist turning around to ichaelorhandag get an eyeful of the gleaming inlet and lower peaks below.

Schussers of the greener variety needn't worry;There's plenty of gentle terrain and familyfriendly fun to be had even here in wild alaska.Last year, the mountain opened glacier tubing park, a 600foot hill near the base area catering to families and nonskiers.

As for apr there's only one place to go in girdwood, and that's the double musky inn.It's a bit of a surprise to find a cajunstyle establishment in snowy alaska, but somehow it works.Lights and beads are strewn from every possible hook and nail in the warm wood interior, the bar is hopping, and the walls are hung with postcards sent from around the world.

The atmosphere is part roadhouse, part greenhouse(Ask for a table in the glass atrium for views of the wintry surroundings), and part steakhouse.You can't go wrong with the halibut ceviche or the french, pepperencrusted steak au poivre, and you're unlikely to get such colossalsized alaskan king crab legs at any new england ski town near you.

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cheap ralph lauren polo and disgorge more

1million to settle Argentine bribery cheapralphlauren case

Justice ralph lauren polo department said.

The company received the lenient treatment because of its"Extensive"Cooperation in the inquiry and new antibribery training for its employees, a worldwide risk assessment it conducted and other remedial measures.Ralph lauren will pay an $882, 000(578, 000)Penalty to the doj cheap ralph lauren polo and disgorge more than $730, 000(478, 000)In illicit profits and interest to the securities and exchange commission, the two agencies said.

Ralph lauren did not have an anticorruption program or provide training to employees at its subsidiary in argentina in the fiveyear period over which the bribes occurred, prosecutors said.

The new york times

Reports how a number of argentine government officials were gifted with clothes, fragrances and handbags worth as much as 14, 000 each.

The agreement with the ralphlaurensaleoutlet sec is the first nonprosecution agreement the agency has entered in the foreign bribery context.In recent years both agencies have stepped up efforts to enforce the foreign corrupt practices act, a 1970sera law that bars bribes to officials of foreign governments.

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